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Summary Integrated Learning Guidance

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The commercialization of education is one of the educational problems that occurred in Indonesia in this era. It was due to the implementation gaps of education, so it mean that the focus of our education is still about cognitive factor, such as the impact of national exam (UN) implementation, and test for selection into a higher level of education. In this era, the parents are concerning about the competitiveness of their child when the competition is quite tight, so it causes the development of course (LBB) which offers all kinds of tutoring services and facilities to face the competition and get the achievement. The interesting of parents about course, indicating that the decline in the level of trust from the parents towards teaching and learning at schools. Tutoring Institute make this moment as a field for profit, so they are offering so many kinds of packages at an expensive price that it only reached by society that have middle and upper economic levels.

Referring to article 31 of UUD 1945 that (1) Every citizen has the right to get education. (2) every citizen shall attend compulsory elementary education and the government must be supply the finance. In addition, there is UUD 1945, Article 34 that tell about the poor and displaced children are maintained by the state. Because that, the government through the General Directorate of Primary and Secondary which setting about medium-term strategic plan, that are: (1) improving access and equity in the context of reasonable primary education completion, (2) improving the quality, efficiency, relevance and increased competitiveness, and (3) management improvement, accountability, and public image.

The author as a university student gave a contribute through the creative ideas that is Integrated Learning Guidance (Bimbingan Belajar Terpadu), which offers support, facilitate and motivate the target so become excited to learn in order to improve the student’s achievement, especially for student which have unfortunate .

The background is the new admission requirements for new students who the selection systems are use the value of examination or specific tests. So, the parents will worry if their child has learning difficulties at school and during the time of school operating also very limited, so the parents who in middle to upper economic levels will choose course institute as a place to help the learning difficulties of  their children and keep their children to behave positively in improving academic achievement. However, parents with low economic level will be unable to join with course institute, because the lessons children increase being complex subject and the price of course also higher.

Integrated Learning Guidance (Bimbingan Belajar Terpadu) combines the goal of improving learning achievement with character education gained when students take part in the religious class for Al-quran (TPA). Integrated Learning Guidance Design is designed with the following procedures: (1) identification of cases, (2) identifying the problem, (3) diagnosis, (4) prognosis, (5) action, (6) remedial action or referral, and (7) evaluation and follow-up. The program will be coordinate with student of educational management, community leaders, religius class for Al-quran (TPA), schools, the districts government, and education government for the program to be able to get support from various parties and it can be implementation.

So, the output of Integrated Learning Guidance (Bimbingan Belajar Terpadu) can achieve a satisfaction performance, so this program can restore the confidence of the parents to the school. Integrated Learning Guidance (Bimbingan Belajar Terpadu) will expose the achievement of the output, so the results will be known by the public. Therefore, the authors are interested in the topic of education for all, with the title Integrated Learning Guidance (Bimbingan Belajar Terpadu) as an effort to implement education for all, because some of students will need assistance to improve their academic achievement in school, want to graduate with the best grades and go to a higher level in education with expectations supported by the growing of a strong character.


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